5 Places to learn more about selling CBD online


Over the past few years, CBD has experienced a surge in popularitythanks to its wide range of medical benefits and the absence of THC’s psychoactive effects. Because legal barriers and limitations have been lifted and consumers have been educated across the world, market analysts estimate that the CBD market will clock a record $3.52 billion by 2024 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 32% over the next five years.

If you plan on joining the global community of merchants selling CBD online, it is important to stay ahead of the trend. This article is going to discuss some of the top sources from where you can learn more about selling CBD online.

1.   Shopify

Shopify is the biggest online retail platform on the web today, and many new businesses owners are wondering whether or not it is possible to start a store selling CBD on the site. The platform simplifies the process of starting an e-commerce store and provides lots of resources for people researching how to sell CBD online, giving them the information they need in order to make it a success.

2.   CV Sciences

CV Sciences is a manufacturer and supplier of hemp-based phytocannabinoids. These include CBD oil as well as beauty care products, pet care, specialty beverages. They also offer other herbal treatments to use in conjunction with pharmaceuticals and supplements. The company recently incorporated 1,968 organic health food stores, making it one of the world’s biggest CBD oil companies and one of the most successful herbal supply suppliers in the world.


ENDOCA is based out of Europe, but is worth looking at for information because of the sheer volume of CBD products they supply. One of the reasons for its popularity is that the ingredients are sourced from certified organic and natural hemp plants which are cultivated and grown without herbicides or pesticides. ENDOCA grows, harvests, and processes their products in-house while also providing new entrepreneurs the information they need in order to start out their businesses successfully.

4.   Gaia Botanicals

Also known as Bluebird Botanicals, Gaia Botanicals is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of award-winning CBD products and other hemp-derived products. The company conducts most of its sales online, though it also sells products at physical retail stores and through other third-party retailers. Some of their products include vape items, CBD capsules, oil extracts, and products for pets.

5.   Isodiol International

Isodiol International has been in the business of developing health and pharmaceutical products for many years. The company touts the variety of benefits that are attributed to CBD products while providing quality information for consumers. They also offer sales both internationally and throughout the U.S., making them one of the largest CBD providers across the globe.

6.   Medical Marijuana

The Medical Marijuana company has taken a lead in CBD oil products manufactured especially for cosmeceutical, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industries. The company operates through many of its subsidiaries including HempwireHempMeds, HempMedsBrasil, CanChew Biotechnologies, Wellness Managed Services, HempVap, and Red Dice Holdings. With so many operations in place, it’s no wonder that they have become a household name when it comes to the CBD industry.

Finding out informationbefore you begin the process of selling CBD online can help your new business thrive and make selling your products much simpler. As with any industry, the more information you have, the more likely you are to be successful as a business.

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