The Head and Shoulders Pattern Used in Stock Technical Analysis

Any intraday stock chart will show head-and-shoulders patterns, which consist of a central peak surrounded by two lesser peaks, often. These triple-peaked chart patterns are among the most straightforward to misinterpret but can be excellent signs of a significant trend reversal. Furthermore, many investors have suffered significant losses from making trades before receiving confirmation from […]

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EHR Software

EHR Software: How Does it Improve Patient Care?

EHR (Electronic Health Records) software has become an essential component of modern healthcare systems, streamlining workflows and centralizing patient information to improve overall care. In particular, behavioral health EHR software has had a significant impact on enhancing patient care in the mental health field. In this article, we will examine the ways in which EHR […]

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What is the T beam used for?

T beams, also known as tee beams are load-bearing structures made of concrete, wood or metal. As the name suggests T beams are made in a “T” shape and this shape offers more compressive and load-holding strength to the beam when compared to ordinary beams. The top of the beam is called a flange (horizontal […]

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