Debunking The Top 5 Myths About Courier Delivery Services


Though less thrilling than the ones we see in movies, delivery myths are almost as pervasive. Unfortunately, if you fall for them, you can be doing significant harm to your company—especially now, when more and more consumers are purchasing online and depending on same-day or next-day online delivery.

Five shipping industry myths are surprisingly challenging to dispel out of all the others.

Too Expensive:

When delivering packages to customers, it is acceptable to do it yourself or, on occasion, have an employee do it. The problem becomes much more complex, however, if you need to make many instant deliveries to different or single locations. You could need to recruit specialized staff members, especially for deliveries, or you might need to shift resources from another department to handle your delivery needs. It might become very pricey and challenging. The finest delivery routes of Porter are known to delivery businesses, with the infrastructure to offer dependable, customized delivery services. Additionally, you could agree to a set rate that ultimately results in your financial savings.

Couriers are unconcerned:

A few poor apples should be good for the entire barrel. Indeed, some careless workers have to put more effort into their work, but it’s crucial to distinguish between standard mail and professional courier service. Delivery companies need to put up with better service from their drivers to ensure the delivery firm is successful. A reputable delivery business stakes its name on how successfully it completes the task. In many circumstances, the delivery driver serves as the business’s public face. That face must be kind, approachable, and diligent.

Postal services and replace courier services:

Some people hold the old-fashioned belief that the postal service can manage last-mile delivery. It is wholly untrue. Canada Post understands the necessity to hire last-mile delivery partners like us to handle parcel distribution. Standard package sizes, predetermined delivery routes, and time constraints are imposed on the postal service. Services for home delivery are typically less constrained. It has recently been an essential thing due to the pandemic. In fact, according to a recent online poll, 56% of online buyers anticipate same-day delivery. Said the postal service is not designed for that.

Large courier services are ideal:

With the complex infrastructure needed, more giant corporations like Porter, FedEx, and UPS can transport practically everywhere. However, these regulations make it more difficult for them to quickly adapt to suit consumer demands. Smaller businesses are more agile and able to provide flexible solutions. For rising consumer shipping expectations to be met, the capacity to collaborate with a home delivery service provider that can customize their services to fit the demands of the client is crucial.

The same applies to all home delivery services:

A common misconception among company owners is that all home delivery service apps like Porter are identical. Said that is untrue. While they all may make the same claims about security, package tracking, and quick delivery, their fleet options, coverage, reverse logistics services, and cross-platform technologies differ.

After looking more closely at a few common misunderstandings regarding home delivery, you better understand the advantages of home delivery service providers.