Does the National Park Service Award Grants and To What Organizations?


Yes, the National Park Service (NPS) awards grants to various organizations and entities for a wide range of projects and initiatives related to the preservation and protection of national parks, historic sites, cultural resources, and natural resources. These grants are typically aimed at supporting research, education, conservation, preservation, and public engagement efforts in partnership with the NPS. Here are some of the types of organizations that may receive NPS grants:

  1. **Nonprofit Organizations:** Many nonprofit organizations, including historical societies, conservation groups, and educational institutions, receive NPS grants to support projects that align with the mission of the National Park Service.
  1. **State and Local Governments:** State and local government agencies, including state historic preservation offices, may receive NPS grants to carry out preservation activities and projects within their jurisdictions.
  1. **Tribal Organizations:** Tribal governments and tribal entities can receive NPS grants to support initiatives related to the preservation of cultural and natural resources on tribal lands.
  1. **Educational Institutions:** Colleges, universities, and educational institutions may receive NPS grants for research, educational programs, and other projects that contribute to the understanding and preservation of national parks and cultural heritage.
  1. **Museums and Cultural Institutions:** Museums and cultural institutions often partner with the NPS to receive grants for projects such as exhibit development, historical research, and public programming related to national parks.
  1. **Community Groups:** Local community organizations and groups may receive NPS grants to support initiatives that engage communities in the preservation and enjoyment of nearby national parks and historic sites.
  1. **Research Organizations:** Research organizations and institutions conducting studies and research related to natural or cultural resources in national parks may be eligible for NPS grants.
  1. **Private Entities:** In some cases, private entities that are involved in conservation, preservation, or educational efforts aligned with NPS objectives may also receive NPS grants.

The National Park Service administers various grant programs, each with its own specific focus and eligibility criteria. Some common NPS grant programs include the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF), the Save America’s Treasures program, the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT) grants, and more.

To find and apply for NPS grants, organizations and individuals interested in preservation and conservation projects should regularly check the NPS website, where grant opportunities are typically posted. Detailed information about eligibility, application procedures, deadlines, and grant guidelines can be found on the NPS Grants page or through the portal, where federal grant opportunities are listed.  Visit