FAQs To Help You Find the Right Real Estate Agent


Hiring an agent to help you buy or sell a home is a safe play. That said, you have to find the right person to help you. Here’s what you need to know to find the right person. 

When Do You Start Looking?

You start looking for an agent before you have properties to see or sell. They’ll guide you through the search or help you get ready for listing well in advance. 

What Does an Agent Do?

Agents help buy and sell homes. They are able to help you navigate the market, refer you to inspectors or contractors, and do other tasks to guide you through the process. The best in the industry, such as Stefan Soloviev, recommend finding an agent who specializes in buying or selling, depending on your needs. Buyer’s agents represent buyers. Seller’s agents represent sellers. Sometimes, agents do both, but it is best to avoid an agent representing the other party. 

What’s a Realtor?

Some agents are realtors. These are people licensed by the National Association of Realtors. They abide by that organization’s standards. Meanwhile, agents are licensed by their state commission and abide by national and state laws. That said, they still have to pass coursework and a licensing exam. You can check your state’s licensing website to see if someone is a realtor or agent. 

What’s a Broker?

Brokers are a step above an agent and have undergone further coursework and exams. This level also is controlled by each state and requires candidates to pass a licensing exam. These people can operate independently or choose to oversee other real estate agents. 

How Do You Find an Agent?

Friends and colleagues are the best places to get referrals. Once you have a few names, look them up online and see if their experience and specialty are a good fit for your needs. Try to interview at least three agents before choosing one. 

Should You Interview Them?

You should interview your potential agents. That can help you see if they are the right fit for you before buying or selling your home. 

Will They Represent Your Interests?

Do not choose an agent unless you feel that they will represent your interests. They are not required to do so. Dual and transactional agents can work for both parties. That’s why it’s critical to see if your agent will only represent you. Then, get that statement in writing. 

Overall, you need to check each agent’s focus and experience to make a decision. Make sure they can handle the tasks you need them to. Also, make sure you feel comfortable working with them.