Here’s what you need to work in the printing industry:


Everybody wants to have a job where they can quickly pick up expertise with good money flowing in. Many people think that in order to make a decent income you must have an excellent skill set even at the start. Well, that is not true though. If you would understand the working of industry you will realize it’s so much easy to climb the success ladder. The printing industry is one of them. A lot of people want to Get print job [รับพิมพ์งาน, which is the term in Thai] but only a few able to manage such a job properly. Printing is a kind of an art form and you can’t be good at it overnight. However, if you would try to understand how printing machine works first, then you stand a pretty good chance to get a better output.

Various kinds of printing requirements

Once you set your foot into this rewarding industry, you will have to deal with a different type of clients. The work might range from t-shirt printing to brochure printing. It really depends on your niche. Like any other educational field, there are multiple branches in here, too. You can either do document printing, t-shirt printing, poster printing or brochure printing, etc. It is always a good idea to start with one and to get better at it. Once you know the principles that make a good print, you can apply those to other areas as well. 

Setting up your own printing industry:

By working in the printing industry, you might find that you have become excellent at it. This is the time when you can consider setting up your own printing factory. It is always good to plan things ahead. You can also start collecting money for your own press while working at a print shop.