How are Joints Made on Conveyor Belts?


The most typical joining techniques are:

  • Quickmelt fusion joint

This easy and fast fusion conveyor belt welding is utilized for belts that are composed nearly totally of thermoplastic product. The belt ends are cut to size at a certain angle, taken care of with each other in a guide rail; then hot pressed to fuse the products. This technique is utilized where tiny pulley sizes exist, and operating temperatures are no more than 80° C/176° F. Get Audi A7 Personal Contract Hire at our site

  • Flexproof fusion joint

If fusible layers and textiles are consisting of at least one layer of thermoplastic product in the belt building and construction, finger joint is used for this very easy and quick fusion joint technique. The belt ends are reduced in a finger pattern, matched with each other after that hot pressed. With this sort of joint, the weld length is definitive for the tensile stamina Audi A7 Used Cars

  • For power transmission belts with a polyester grip layer, long slim fingers are utilized
  • Criterion conveyor belts make use of mid-length fingers
  • Device tapes make use of short fingers


  • Stepflex combination joint


This signing up with approach is used for PVC belts generally, on the running side of the belt it has a guide or used in polluted problems. The belt is made split in the upper, and lower part, as well as a finger, has typed both components that are staggered in a longitudinal direction.


  • Thermofix bound joint

Thermofix is an adhered signing up with method made use for conveyor belts and power transmission belts with different product combinations of non-thermoplastics, e.g., rubber or silicone with polyamide, where high resiliency and/or shock resistance is required.


  • Mechanical fasteners

Mechanical bolts sign up or attach two objects mechanically. They are utilized in a position where conveyor belts should be changed routinely or for applications where the belt needs to be changed swiftly. However, the mechanical bolt is a prone component of the belt and might have openings where dust can go into, so this is not a preferred solution for several applications.

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