How To Get Out Of A Timeshare Contract


The best advice for you is never to get into a timeshare contract. However, if you have already purchased one, then you may need to know how to cancel timeshare contracts. Getting out of a timeshare is possible through two options: one, you may decide to resell your contract, and two, you may rescind the contract as some legal loopholes can be exploited to help you escape.

Whichever your choice is, it is best to involve professionals who can handle the entire process for you to give you the best chance at success. Let’s go over the two ways you can go about this:

  1. Timeshare rescission: By law, all timeshare contracts have a provision for a rescission period. This period is a trial period during which clients can safely experience the contract before it becomes binding. All States have timeshare laws, and the rescission period varies from one state to another; the usual range is from 3 to 7 days. If you want to explore this option, it is best to do so when the rescission window is still open. All you have to do is send a notification to the timeshare company that you are rescinding the contract. An email or mailed letter should be enough to do this if you cannot visit their office. However, if you hire a team, they can just, as easily, represent you there and get a contract cancellation for you.
  2. Exploring legal loopholes: Another way to cancel timeshare contracts is by having a legal team pick loopholes in the contract and presentations by the sales agents. Sales agents are known to carefully cloak untrue information whilst making sales pitches; this may have convinced you to purchase the contract. The most common loophole that can be exploited is that there are hidden fees that you may not be told about until you have signed the contract or even when it is the second year of the contract. These fees may be maintenance and repair fees, which then hikes the value of the timeshare. You can cancel timeshare on this premise and get your freedom from a bad investment.

For most people, the way out of a timeshare seems impossible, but with the aid of timeshare termination teams, it can be easy. If you are not up for the long process, simply hire a competent team and get out of that contract.