How to make a crypt permanently anonymous?


Bitcoin is a great tool for making purchases and making p2p payments. Using it, your transaction does not appear in the registers of banks and other financial institutions. This makes bitcoin a great anonymous means of payment. But all movements of funds in the Bitcoin network are recorded in an open ledger – this open database stores information about all transactions ever made in BTC. So, if you want to use bitcoin to pay for a product or service, you cannot be sure of complete anonymity. A third party can track and analyze your online activities. Bitcoin operates on a decentralized trust.

Anonymous coins are peer-to-peer payment systems with their internal unit of account. Their main goal is to ensure the complete confidentiality of financial transactions using special technologies and cryptographic protocols.

Many people believe that blending services are used for laundering bitcoins obtained illegally or fraudulently. But this is not necessarily the case. Confidentiality is important to everyone. Criminals don’t need to know how rich you are, strangers don’t need to know how much you are spending. Thus, mixing services like BitMix appeared.

Protect your anonymity with the help of BitMix

BitMix is a truly anonymous cryptocurrency blender, a service that makes it impossible to track your transactions within the cryptocurrency network. When you send your coins to the service, you deposit them in the general pool; in their place, you receive a new set of coins, which are impossible to track. The minimum amount accepted for blending is 0.05 BTC, the maximum is 1000 BTC. The service charges a commission from 0.4 to 4%, which you can set manually during mixing. The commission for each target address is 0.0005 BTC. Moreover, BitMix offers its clients an affiliate program and pays users when they bring other users to the platform.

So, a bitcoin mixer is a great way to obfuscate your tracks.