Material Handling and Storage Solutions for Automotive Companies


The structure of each automotive parts or service department poses unique problems for organising storage and stock management.

Your car parts and service department need specifically tailored racking and shelving solutions for when it is time to revaluate your storage options, totally rebuild, or launch a new site.

A pallet inverter can be a solution for your material handling where you can customize your system from Top Industries Inc., which is a Florida-based company.

When selecting the ideal automobile pallet handling solution for your company, keep a few crucial factors in mind. You must first consider the kinds of materials you will work with. This will enable you to choose the system type that best suits your requirements.

The size of your organisation is the second thing you should consider. It is critical to select systems that can handle the materials you will be working with if your operations are substantial. On the other hand, if your business is small, you might be able to get away with a less complex system.

The environment in which your automobile material handling solution will be employed should be considered third. Are you going to use it in a factory or warehousing environment? If the response is yes, you must ensure that the system can sustain the demands of that setting.

However, you might not require a system that is as robust if you intend to use it in a more delicate environment, like a showroom or office.

Fourthly, you should consider your company’s future. You will probably need to upgrade your automotive material handling solution as your company expands. Choosing a system that can help your business expand is crucial.

There are several warehouse storages options available, and while a few of these might “work” for your business, there is probably one that is the most advantageous.

Finding and implementing the optimal solution will guarantee optimised selectivity and density, boosting productivity and, eventually, revenues. The following are a few racking systems available as storage solution or automotive companies.

1.      Selective pallet rack

Selective pallet rack is a highly selective option since it allows direct access to every pallet that is being stored without relocating the others. Where it is required to store a wide range of goods.

2.      Pallet flow rack

Pallets can move from the back (loading) aisle to the front (picking) aisle using inclined rollers or wheels supported by pallet flow rack systems.

3.      Carton flow rack

In a carton flow rack, wheels or inclined rollers are supported by the rack, allowing cartons to move from the front (picking) aisle to the back (loading) aisle.

4.      Drive-in & drive-through rack

Pallets are kept on support rails that are connected to uprights in drive-in and drive-through racks. A lift truck drives into the system with the load raised to the rail’s height and places it in the desired storage position.

5.      Push back rack

In a push-back rack, carts are supported by the rack and are moved down slanted rails.

You can also look at a few official YouTube videos of Top Industries Inc. to know more about latest solutions.