My City Bank Android Game


Gone are the years that there was enough time at the end of a day, for our children to spend time taking part in games. Those days there was plenty of outdoor space. This made children in the neighbourhoods playing games together to find a break from their formal school curriculum.  With the world getting busier by the day, with rapid population increase things weren’t like what it used to be. 

Today’s world children have no time left at the end of a day. With more and more competition on the academic front children of today are more stressed out than ever before and with less time in their hands at the end of a day. Thankfully as a result of the development of game Apps children can play games to suit their timing with these Apps. Video games bring in many benefits. 

They form a good social platform of entertainment. Players involved will build closer relationships and understanding. With having to use one’s intelligence by thinking and reasoning will improve cognitive abilities. Will improve problem solving skills and logic. Improve hand-to-eye coordination. Instil multi-tasking ability. Instil accurate, fast decision-making ability. Bring in discipline with better organisational skills and to pay attention to all relevant details.

Many Android phones may require additional storage space and performance to run games like this. No need to delete any photo or game to install this game. You can use Android junk cleaners like NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner, Phone Master or Clean Master. Those Android junk cleaners will clean and free storage for free. 

Combining all of these mentioned factors and many more an ideal games App for children is now within everyone’s reach. It is the My City Bank apk assured to give its players the max fun combined with skills that would benefit all. Here’s a brief of the Game,

Features of My City Bank

–  A bank is extraordinary. It cannot be compared to any other business entity. Bank functions involve procedure of any office. But what makes it different is that it has lots of money and immensely valuable items like gold jewellery in its vaults.

– The App offers a comprehensive bank to the gamers.

– The players can create adventures of their liking to engage. Look for the non-disclosed vaults and safe boxes to access the treasures and valuables in them.

– Get involved in the daily banking activities of a bank. Serve its customers with preparing relevant documents. Use the photocopy machine when necessary. Build that ideal rapport with the banks customers to make them loyal.

– Remember most importantly security got to be maintained. Be alerted to activate the security alarms if necessary.

– And what’s unique is if the player wants can choose the option to be a thief to rob the bank. Or be the policeman in action to prevent a heist.


With MY CITY – BANK, gaming has not got any better. Hey kids get involved and bring in that cool fun and excitement to relax all of your stress and weariness that all of you need to rejuvenate yourselves. + MY CITY BANK will sure make its users well conversant with banking activities that would impart value to their advancement.

My City Bank Android Game Free Download

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