Planning a romantic surprise for your love: Guide on marriage proposal tips


Ready to ask those four special words- ‘will you marry me’ but unable to find the right ways of doing so? Be it boys or girls, it is quite challenging to ask these four little words. However, if you’ve finally gathered all the courage to say those words, this blog can help you. You’ve probably made arrangements but unsure if the proposal will turn to be extra special. No worries! In this article, some of the engaging tips have been discussed which will help you in creating extra special moments and will definitely make the event even more impressive.

  • Plan a location– The first thing that you have to consider is the location. Choosing the right place is important because that’ll set the mood and perfection. It could be near the beach or rooftop or maybe the favorite destination of your partner.
  • Involve friends and family– Sharing the moment with family and friends is one of the best things to do. It can be a family dinner or just a family gathering. However, if you want to maintain privacy and keep it only between the two of you, then you can involve only the parents. It’s the best of both worlds as you not only get to share an unforgettable moment with your partner but also your near and dear ones to cherish the moment.
  • Buy a ring– Though rings are to be given during engagements, it’s always good to make things ultra-special. With man made diamond rings, you can make your partner feel out of the world. She can never reject your proposal if you buy her a ring even before the engagement ceremony. Moreover, lab-grown diamonds are an amazing choice because they’re not only pocket friendly but also a sustainable choice.
  • Call a professional photographer– This is an incredible option especially if you want to get wedding vibes even before your marriage. You can put on the ring and click amazing pictures together. It can be something like pre-wedding photo sessions and it’ll definitely make your partner emotional. Proposal scenes could be captured in the best way because professionals have the knowledge on the right poses and light availability. These engagement photos can be given as a surprise wedding gift to your partner.
  • Give a proposal bouquet– The proposal venue can be beautifully decorated with flowers and you can also surprise her with a customized bouquet consisting of premium quality flowers like roses, orchids, and others. Be symbolic with the flower arrangements. For example, if you’ve been dating for 5 years, get a five-rose bouquet to symbolize your relationship with your partner.

Need more interesting marriage proposal tips, check out this lab made diamonds blog. Last but not the least; be wise with your planning. This will decide the future of your relationship. Be creative with your surprise plans so that when you actually make the marriage proposal to your partner, she gets completely blown away and surprised!