Set up your company in Singapore


You come up with new and crazy business ideas that you think will surely work. Or you are tired or suck working for unappreciative bosses? Perhaps, the next step you will take is to expand your own business in Singapore, where forming a corporation is quick and easy and the best of all is, everything can be done online. Here’s how you do it in just some simple steps.

Approval for your company name-

Before you are allowed to seek a business, you must first ensure that the name you are going to choose is available and reserve it. You can do this function by registering your business name on the Bizfile website of ACRA. Just simply sign in to Bizfile and navigate to Explorer eService’s, then Business, then an application for a new business name. After filing the form online you just need to submit it.

Make a payment of $15 for the application. If the chosen name of your business is authorized, you will be notified through ACRA by email. If you want to avoid wasting your $15, you can follow the specific standards for company names in Singapore that you should be aware of. Breaking these restrictions can end up putting a fine on you.

Register your business-

Once the name of your company has been approved, the upcoming step is to register your business on ACRA Bizfile. This process could comprise of forming a corporation, establishing a partnership, or simply establishing your firm as a sole proprietorship.

company registration singapore

Create your company-

While processing company registration Singapore following officers must be nominated:

– At least one director of your company must be based in Singapore.

– There should be a minimum of one stockholder

– Make sure you appoint a Corporate Secretary

– Appoint people who take on several responsibilities. As a result, you can serve as a resident director, shareholder, or secretary.

You must also specify the following-

You must specify Singapore registered office address. If you don’t have an office then you may use your residential address for that. The starting paid-up share capital must be at least $1.

Inaugurate a business bank account-

For all your accounting purposes in business, you may want to open a business bank account. Don’t worry this process is so simple. You just need to visit your bank and ask them to open a business account for you. You should make sure to inquire before time about the paperwork you will be required to provide. It may comprise of your certificate for incorporation, a signed consent form to act as a secretary or a director, a print of your business account. All of these can be found on the website of ACRA.

What’s the next step to start your business? To be sure that you haven’t made a mistake, it’s better to link yourself with company incorporation services well as Singapore corporate tax guide. Connect with Timcole, for starting and going forward much adequately. So that your business could thrive at the earliest.