Steps to Take Before Establishing a Start up and branding it 



A start-up is a company that is in its first stage of operations. It is a company which is young and formed by more than one entrepreneur to bring something unique to the market. 

A lot of young people dream of being their own boss and starting their own business but there are some essentials that you need to take care of before that. 

Essentials to look into before you start a start-up: 

  • Determine the viability of your business. Be honest. If you were a client would you buy your own products? Be honest to yourself before you begin.
  • Create a plan for your business. You can’t make a business work if you are not organised. If you don’t have goals (short and long term).
  • Choose a business name for your start up and get the domain name registered. Do your research well and make sure you don’t put someone else’s name as yours.
  • Apply for an employer identification number and investigate and apply for business licenses as per your country’s regulations. 
  • Make social media profiles for your brand on Facebook Twitter and Instagram. Because social media presence is very important for the business to get the right amount of promotion. 
  • Rent a space for your office. You must have an official address for your start-up and a space to keep your employees as well. 
  • Order for your own business cards as you will need them in order to distribute your contacts and promotion purposes. 
  • Open a bank account for your business that is a business bank account to take care of all your official transactions etc.
  • Assign responsibilities to your employees and distribute their job roles so that there is no hassle and confusion. 
  • Secure coverage for your business and also take the advice if your insurance agent for any problems that may arise in the future. 
  • You need to have a good inventory to supply for your company else the start-up cannot run swiftly.
  • File for patents and trademarks by consulting an attorney so that there are no legal issues to begin withes that can be a problem.
  • Get a mentor to guide you through the path. Sometimes all of this can be overwhelming hence make sure that you get have someone to guide you along the way. 
  • Also when you are starting a company you may be expected to do a lot of things on your own and that can be very difficult. In times like these you can get hold of an agency to help you such a company formation specialist like Singapore Company Incorporation Consultants
  • Since promotion needs to be extremely important you need to hire a PR agency to get you just the right exposure that your start up will need once it is launched. It can be confusing as to what is the right thing to do hence you can take the help of a Pr agency like
  • Also if you are planning to begin a start-up that will require ISO standards to be met and Halal certification then you can take the help of as it can help you with the same. 


Ensure to take all these necessary steps before you start your start up.