Storage Units for Commercial Use


Self-storage units are typically used by homeowners to store excess belongings, large clothing collections or even extra furniture. It’s the perfect solution for storing items when you’re moving home and it’s an affordable way to get extra storage if you don’t have enough space at home or are currently renovating. In short, they’re incredibly flexible options that can offer a number of advantages for the average homeowner.

What most people don’t realise is that a storage unit can also be used for commercial purposes, offering many unique benefits that could help your business run more smoothly and ultimately grow. So in this article, we’re going to talk about how businesses use self-storage units and how it benefits them.

What do businesses store?

First, let’s talk about what businesses store in their self-storage units.

For retailers, such as clothing brands and computer stores, a self-storage unit is a great place to keep extra stock that can’t fit in the store or unique items that are bought infrequently, such as expensive vintage clothing items or custom-made computer components. For hospitality businesses, you can use self-storage units for furniture that is used infrequently, such as large dining tables and extra chairs for events.

Tradesmen and contractors can also make use of storage units. They can keep extra equipment, raw materials for their work or even use it as a storage space for the clients during a move. Almost every business could also store paper documents and records, or old hardware such as computers that may still be useful depending on the data stored in them.

A lot of these uses are geared towards small businesses with a small amount of physical space in their premises. For larger companies that have warehouses and storerooms, they can typically use their own properties for storage. However, startups and small businesses can make ample use of storage units to assist their work processes and help them grow without needing to rent out a larger office or retail space.

What to look for in a storage unit for commercial use

There are a couple of concerns to keep in mind when using a storage unit for commercial purposes. For one, security is a major concern especially if you’re storing documents that have sensitive data on them. Companies need to be able to offer robust security solutions and alarms to protect the items that you store.

Proximity is also a concern, especially if the self-storage space will be used frequently. If you need to drive several miles every time you’ve run out of something, then it’s simply not practical and you’ll want to pick a location that is closer in order to restock your store or pick up materials and equipment for specific jobs. Lastly, consider how much space you’ll need and how much it will cost to store your items.

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