The Different Elements of Integrated Logistics Support


Integrated Logistic Support is a management and technical process through which supportability and logistic support are integrated into a design to plan and develop support for systems in order to assure the right availability throughout the lifecycle. The integrated logistic support services majorly focus on four key points i.e. reliability, availability, maintainability, and testability. Here are some of the various integrated logistics support elements:

  • Helps in Maintenance Planning- Maintenance planning helps in establishing maintenance concepts and all things required for the functioning of the system. This maintenance planning includes levels of repair, testability requirements, manpower and skills required, etc. One of the best factors in maintenance planning is its use of energy efficiency and is also cost-effective.
  • Helps in considering early Manpower Requirements- The manpower and personnel involved in this system are required to have high skills and grades in order to maintain the high-functioning of the system’s life. Hence, here integrated logistic support helps in the identification of such matters at an early stage. If there is a need to add more personnel in the system, then this has to be done using a formalized process. If there is a delay in this stage then the entire system can be affected. As a result, it is necessary to recruit suitable and skilled personnel for the smooth functioning of the system.
  • Design interface- A design interface is required in relation to the logistics-related design parameters to support resource requirements. These logistic-related design parameters include reliability and maintainability, human factors, system safety, energy management and efficiency, transposability, etc. These parameters are related to system readiness objectives and support costs. Design interface involves design to support till logistics infrastructure itself.
  • Technical data- Here technical data includes recorded information of a scientific or technical nature, which can be in any form such as manuals, catalogues, or drawings. In this, technical data doesn’t mean computer programs or software but the documentation of these programs and software. Technical data can be said to be the most important element of the logistics stages as it involves technical manuals and engineering drawings, which are very expensive as they help with instructions for the operation and maintenance of the system.

The ultimate goal of the Integrated Logistics Support is creating long-lasting life-cycle of the system and reduce costs. And, Integrated Logistics Support by Sonovision USA mainly focuses on this and aims to achieve the same.