The Perfect Job at the Riviere Du Loup


What differentiates recruitment from business development? Not much. “Every time you focus on your business, whether it’s for a promotion or a job offer, you make an impression on people,” says the experts. To recruit talented people, you need to convince them that what you offer, a job in your company, is exactly what they need. “

So what should you do to attract the best candidates in a busy job market?

  1. Know the Thing you want

As an employer, you have a very personal idea of ​​what the “best employees” are. For example, if you offer a window laundry service, you will probably look for quick people who are not afraid of anything, but if you need representatives for your customer service, you will want people who know how to listen and react.

It is better to avoid hiring someone just because he looks like you. Differences can be beneficial because they bring new ideas. What matters is that the recruited person is suitable for the job. In the riviere du loup you can have the best use now.

  1. Look for the right place

As soon as you know who to look for, you need to know where to see. To get in touch with new graduates, you will need to contact the local universities and CEGEPs. The LinkedIn network is also a good way to access a wide variety of professionals. You may require using several channels before finding the rare pearl.

  1. Stand out

Your job offers need to be different from your competitors. Your job offer should not look like a trivial to-do list, but rather give a good idea of ​​how one works in the business. What will a specific day of the hired person look like? What will be his duties at the beginning, then six months after his arrival in the company?

  1. Make your employees your ambassadors

To sell a business, nothing beats its employees. Encourage yours to talk to members of their networks about job openings in your company. You can also reward those who recommend candidates.

  1. Adapt your argument to the candidate

When interviewing candidates, you must understand their career plans. Top performers are not just looking for a job. Do not be afraid in promoting your business, but be honest. There is no point in making promises that you will not be able to keep because the candidate will sooner or later discover the truth and then decide to leave.

Address the best candidates on social networks

Many companies post their job postings on social networks like LinkedIn. Do things differently and use social media to reach out to people who might be suitable for your business. Do not let him get caught up in the unpleasant spiral that having a job requires experience, but to have experience you need a job. Many candidates have just graduated from school, which gives them the most up-to-date training and energy. Although inexperienced at the beginning, the young candidate has the potential to evolve the most with you and surpass himself in the long run. It will not take it for granted and will redouble its efforts to meet your requirements.

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