Things to Consider when choosing a Commercial Painter


Your commercial or business property is important to you, and one of the main concerns is to keep it in best condition at all times. Without any doubt, painting is the most critical investments that you are going to make in your business property.

Each one of you want a perfect job where painting your commercial property is concerned. If you are looking to have a part or the entire property painted, you need to find the best contractor for commercial painting in Gold Coast; the one you can trust to provide you quality service right from the start to finish.

Remember, every commercial painting company has unique set of techniques, skills and experiences. This can be quite challenging, especially if you have never hired a commercial painter in the past.

These are some very useful tips to choose the perfect commercial painting contractor:

  • Hire a professional

It might be tempting to save money and hire a painting company without having a proper insurance and licensing as required by state law. Nevertheless, this can backfire when you receive poor painting job with no option to receive better service or refund. Therefore, before you hire commercial painting contractors, request for a copy of the company’s business insurance certificate as well as business license.

  • Compare at least three commercial painting contractors

Many professional painting companies offer their potential clients with free estimates. After you receive an invoice, make sure to enquire about policies. This should include points like – how long you have to pay the final invoice, deposit amount, number of people working on your business every day, and how to handle the problem that you might have with their work.

  • Try asking for references

During the interview, asking for professional references is a superb way to narrow down the list of candidates. A reputed organization will never hesitate to provide them. When you learn about the reference’s experience with the contractor for commercial painting in Gold Coast, ask if he/she would ever plan to hire the same company again.

  • Request to get it in writing

Once you are done with choosing the perfect contractor as per your requirement, ask the painting company to put its various terms in writing. It should have the following things:

  • Any applicable warranties
  • Payment expectations
  • Anticipated dates to start and end the work
  • Time to start and end the work each day
  • All preparation and clean-up details

Choosing the right commercial painting contractor might take a little bit of your valuable time, but the effort you take will definitely be worth it. The kind of service the company offers is very important and will play a massive part in creating the first impression your commercial property makes. Therefore, take time and follow the above steps, so that you end up choosing the perfect painting contractor in your area.

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