What are the Differences between Spiral Binding and Loose Leaf Notebooks?


When it comes to shopping for paper, you will be presented with two of the most common choices: loose leaf and spiral bound. Both can be used for taking notes at work or school. There are many differences between the two, which you must consider by all means before you purchase one of them. Let’s have a look at these differences.

  1. Binding

Binding is the most inevitable distinction between spiral bound and loose leaf paper. While the loose leaf notebooks from 123ink can be installed in a binder or duo tang or can be removed later, once a sheet of spiral bound paper has been removed from the notebook and know that it cannot be put back. If you don’t want to remove the paper from a notebook, then spiral bound paper is all you need to keep the papers together in one place and organized efficiently. If you are wanting to remove and replace the papers, then go for loose leaf paper combined with a clipboard, duo tang or a binder.

  1. Holes

Both loose leaf paper and spiral bound are punched with the typical three holes letting the pages be placed in a duo tang or standard binder. But, because of the binding, spiral bound paper also contains many smaller holes on the edges of the margin that let in the metal or plastic spirals to keep the pages bound. There are many spiral bound notebooks that bear a perforated edge that lets a user to remove the page before the binding holes. Many still don’t, and if you remove the page, you may get jagged edges.

  1. Margins

As it is bound into a notebook, spiral bound pages don’t have much of a margin space like loose leaf paper. The increased margin space can be used for editorial means, for documents you may want to add as extra notes or for adding miscellany with the text proper. If there is a wider space, then you may need more spacious margin and this can be accomplished by investing in loose leaf paper.

  1. Extra features

Spiral bound paper notebooks have many bonus features that everyone loves. These notebooks also have cardboard dividers that help in making segregation easy. This comes in particularly handy for students who are wanting to use single spiral notebooks for taking notes in multiple classes. These notebooks also have some pockets to let you store handouts or important pieces of paper. These notebook also come bearing informative stuff like common misspelled words, facts, maps and multiplication guides etc. The covers are also designed with attractive features and you can choose the one that suits your style.