What are the Various Uses of Conveyor Material Handling Belts?


Material Handling Belts are one of the basic material handling industry tools that are used most commonly for transporting bulk materials such as sand, ore, coal, salt, grain etc. These are used across the world for the handling of materials. Whether it comes to mines or grocery stores, you can find roller conveyor systems of various strengths, sizes and shapes being used for many varied purposes.

Material Handling Belts – What are the Uses?

  • Assembly Lines – Components can be carried often to machines to be assembled further. Due to these belts, today completely automated assembly lines are now present. It is possible to create all things, whether it comes to cars or computers. All these depend on state of the art conveyor designs, so as to transfer the things that are being manufactured and for simultaneous management of the parts.
  • Airport Baggage Handling – In airports, sorting and loading of baggage is an important activity. Once there is checking of a bag, it is put on Material Handling Belts – which carry it inside for the purpose of processing. Such types of systems need plenty of designing and engineering, given that they thread through one another frequently. These need a more or less intricate interweaving, which ensures that the bags are delivered to their correct destination in the end. When these are properly used, the belts significantly reduce the amount of manual labor that is needed for safe arrival of luggage on the right airplane.
  • Grocery Store – Many retail checkouts, including the customer area of grocery stores, use material handling conveyors at each point of checkout. Such types of belts are viewed rarely as material handling belt. These might be lighter and have much less stress load capacity, but they serve the same purpose. These are designed to deal with and move inventory very easily.