What is Mobile Data Leakage?


Mobile data leakage takes place when an unauthorized external recipient gets access to the data transmitted from your organization. With the continuous advancement happening in the digital world, providing access to almost everyone using smartphones, this incident can happen electronically. 

One of the reasons why data leakage happens is that some employees utilize the same device when communicating both inside and outside the job, making them one of the greatest threats to your organization. 

Using a Verizon Archiving Solution

When it comes to increasing your employee’s productivity, working with multiple devices and the assurance of connection for employees has a huge effect. However, not everything about easy access and multiple devices is a perk as it can also lead to mobile data leakage. Hence, financial companies now face serious problems as they wobble between convenience and security.

Security is one of the most critical factors for every company, and it should never be considered the grounds for inconvenience since they need to use a robust mobile archiver. Every company looking forward to comply withtext messaging requirementsmust learn the importance of security measures and choosing the right enterprise archive. Fortunately, there are various reliable network archivers such as Verizon Archiving solutions that seamlessly offer message archiving straight from the network through direct carrier capture. 

Through Verizon message archiving, text messages sent and received through Verizon are captured and directly forwarded to a server, either through the cloud or on-premises. Verizon archivers lets enterprises that issue mobile devices and use Verizon phone numbers to their employees retain work-related messages. This can prevent fraud from happening or catch people doing cybercrimes. This can also mitigate the risk of mobile data leaks since the employees will be using a specific messaging solution for work-related communications.


Data leakage is a serious matter that every enterprise should consider, especially the industries under finance, as it can lead to severe complications. That is one of the reasons why SMS archiving solutions are essential: they help mitigate mobile data leakage in the best way possible. 

Read on andexplore more about mobile data leakage and how you can detect and mitigate it with this infographic from TeleMessage.