What is needed for Cold Chain Shipping?


Cold chain shipping is where produce has to move from one point to another in a constant state of climate control. A commonly used product is seafood which has to be frozen at harbour side and shipped to client in a state where it remains frozen throughout.  

However, there are many products that requires temperature or climate-controlled shipping and these are all originated from a number of different industries.

What are the Options?

There are six different systems that enable the cold chain shipment to be kept at the highest quality and optimum temperature. Even when consignments are changing from one type of transportation to another – there is always the risk of the product spoiling by the cold chain being compromised. However, this is not the case with the Softbox systems.  

Pallet in Pallet Shippers

The pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries use this method of cold chain shipping extensively. Both sectors demand a high level of control over its products – all of which are very sensitive to temperature. 

Pallet Shippers

A Pallet Shipper is a system often used to maintain temperature control within air cargo. It was created specifically for aircraft’s unit load devices. It has increased the demand for air freight because it has been tailored to fit economically within a plane while always keeping the customer’s produce at its desired temperature. 

Pallet Covers

Pallet Covers can be used over and over again. They keep out dust, humidity and slow down the speed at which a consignment might be contaminated by heat. Often, when cargo is unloaded from air freight, it can be exposed to a runway or an airport holding warehouse where the temperature is very high. The Pallet Cover keeps the desired temperature for a lot longer than it would without. 

Reusable Shippers

Reusable Shippers will meet every demand there is on products needing temperature control. The fact this system is reusable makes it dynamic in reducing the carbon footprint. It also cuts down on recycling costs. 

Parcel Shippers

This system is a single-use parcel type box that is used extensively by Life Sciences. Often, these products will move live biological matter and maintain the desired temperature throughout its short journey. 

Customised Shipments are tailored to those clients who have a special need for a system which is not listed above. This can be for one-off consignments or new products recently introduced.