What is the T beam used for?


T beams, also known as tee beams are load-bearing structures made of concrete, wood or metal. As the name suggests T beams are made in a “T” shape and this shape offers more compressive and load-holding strength to the beam when compared to ordinary beams. The top of the beam is called a flange (horizontal section) and this is responsible for the additional compression strength of the beam. Whereas the vertical section of the T beam or the tail is called the web and, this adds the property to resist shear stress. The structure of the T- beams is helpful in regions where they have to sustain excessive bending strain, i.e., the T beams have a good tensile strength and resist any breakage due to bending. Let us know what are the applications of t beam:

To Resist Bending

T beams are made of Flanges and Webs which help in resisting bending. The T-beams have a greater second moment of inertia which means that their properties are not easily disturbed and this is why they resist bending due to tension or pressure. 

Can hold more pressure 

T beams have less concrete volume and so they weigh less but have more capacity to hold compressive strength. And this is why T beams are used in ceilings and structures as they are more durable than ordinary beams. They will resist the sagging moment of the beam.

To reduce the cost

The use of T beams in the structure reduces the floor-to-floor height. This is because the flanges in T-beams are already a part of the slab so the requirement of concrete that would generally be used in the building. In addition, due to less concrete usage, it also reduces dead weight.

In pre-fabrication buildings

A prefabrication building is one where the units are factory made and then the components are assembled on the site to complete the whole building. For such a building, T beams are used as they have less volume of concrete and makes it easy to add to the structure.

The benefits of T beams can be understood by an architect who designs buildings and knows the mechanics behind load distribution. If you are planning to build a home, commercial space or any building, you must hire a good architect. They are aware of the multiple options and can best decide what type of beam will be best for your construction. Most architects prefer T beams over ordinary beams because it reduces the depth of the room and thus provides better headroom. In addition, they have a greater capacity to resist bending. So, these are the reasons why T beams are better.