How to get the most out of your time at Portsmouth University


For anyone intending to move to Portsmouth University to continue their studies, it’s important to note you are joining one of the best universities not just on the South Coast, but the UK. However, the problem is that some people might find it hard to make the most of their time at university. What can you do if you wish to make sure that your time as a student is a roaring success? What matters when you want to try and make your further education go as far as possible?

Pick the right place to live

Start with a bang. Make sure you are living in good quality Portsmouth student accommodation. Many people make the mistake of just taking the first thing going: pick a quality, modern, safe location to live in. You will be spending a lot of time in accommodation: as such, you need to get good at turning up and making sure you can live with comfort, which accommodation almost certainly will allow.

Lean on support structures

Like any good university, Portsmouth University has a great support structure. You can therefore get a lot of help with your course or just general day-to-day life. This is going to help to really improve the standard of your education and is sure to make sure that you never need to feel as if you are lacking support or help. From lecturers to the guidance department, you can get plenty of help as and when it’s needed.

Understand what Portsmouth has to offer

This is a great city to live in, but you have to find the right places to shop in and spend your time. Picking accommodation near your university will make sure you can spend more time enjoying the amenities on offer without going too far. This can avoid wasting precious learning time by shopping around in the far reaches of town, giving you the time to keep learning without wasting a moment.

Get used to the city

One thing that you should do is get used to all of the features of the city on a daily basis. When do the buses that you need run? What kind of features and facilities do you have access to for social time? What can you do if you wish to find job experience and education assistance outside of university? Find out what the city has that you can use to your advantage starting today.

Find the right places to hang out

While you are attending Portsmouth University to learn, fun should not be taken off the menu. The challenge is finding good places to hang out. Instead of spending all day in pubs and clubs, why not use the various amenities and features that most Portsmouth student accommodation options offer you?

It’s better to spend time in the rec room playing some music or a game of pool than going for another nights drinking. Think about the kind of fun that you can have in a city like this; don’t just settle for the lowest common denominator of going out for a drink!

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